Wound VAC Rental.

Efficient Healing For Serious Wounds.

Welcome to Medicus DME. We are dedicated to providing the best Wound VAC rental, and negative pressure wound therapy services to nursing homes, therefore your patients get the best wound care without over straining your staff.

picture of a medela invia liberty wound vac system for wound vac rental

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) Love Our Wound VACs.

We know how important it is for your patients wounds to heal right the first time.

Which is why here at Medicus DME we provide your Skilled Nursing Facilities, and LTACH's with the Medela Invia Liberty wound VAC Systems. (Gold Standard)

These top of the line VACs will ensure that your patients are getting the best wound care possible.

Because... Let's face it, healing faster is better for you, and the patient.

Also, with a Wound VAC rental from Medicus DME we provide you with hands-on training, 24/7 phone assistance , and all the supplies your nurses need. (Delivered To Your Door)

Here's Why Nursing Homes Are Choosing Medicus DME

For Their Wound VAC Rental.

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Save You Money (Amazing ROI)

Our Wound VACs will heal your patients faster, Therefore you benefit from:

  • > Using Less Dressings
  • > Frees Your Nurse's Time
  • > Fewer In-Patient Hours

icon of a medical box for supplies included with a wound vac rental from medicus dme

All Supplies Included (Super Easy)

We will always get you the supplies you need, Therefore you benefit from:

  • > Included Disposables
  • > Bi-Weekly Deliveries
  • > Daily Peace Of Mind

icon of a male nurse with a red medical cross on the front wound vac

Turnkey Solution (Full Service)

Our experts will train, help and support your staff, Therefore you benefit from:

  • > Hands On Training
  • > 24/7 Wound VAC Help
  • > Less Learning Mistakes

Don't Just Trust Us.

Here's Clinical Evidence For Wound VACs.

It's easy for people to make claims about how good something is.

I mean how many times have you heard something that just wasn't true?

Which is why we have compiled a bunch of clinical evidence for wound VACs, therefore you never have to wonder how good they really are. (It's Medically Proven)

medela invia libery wound vac attaching the canister
Click Below To Read Each Clinical Study.

These Wound Types Stand No Chance.

Clean. Easy. Healing.

Does your Skilled Nursing Facility, or LTACH deal with wounds like these?

If so than our Wound VACs are for you.

picture of a chronic wound on a transparent background for wound vac rentals

Chronic Wounds

Chronic wounds are wounds that do not heal in the normal healing stages most wounds go through. If a wound last longer than three months it's usually considered a chronic wound.

Learn More

picture of an acute wound that can be healed by using a wound vac

Acute Wounds

Acute wounds are usually wounds that are caused by trauma, or a surgical procedure. Examples of an acute wound are scrapes, a minor cut, or sometimes even deep cuts.

Learn More

picture of the bottom of a foot with a diabetic foot ulcer that can be healed with a wound vac

Diabetic Ulcers

Among patients with Diabetes, 15% develop a foot ulcer that could lead to amputation. Diabetic ulcers are a very serious wound type that you want to heal properly.

Learn More

picture of a dehisced wound on a foot that you can use a wound vac on

Dehisced Wounds

Dehisced wounds come from a surgical complication in which the wound ruptures along a surgical incision. These wounds can be very risky, and should be monitored closely for infection.

Learn More

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