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Clinical Evidence For Wound VACs.

Medically Proven Wound Healing.

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Medicus DME provides efficient wound healing with the use of negative pressure wound therapy aka Wound VACs.

Our wound healing technology is designed to provide positive results for both patients, and healthcare professionals that deal with wounds.

Here is some clinical evidence to support the use of Wound VAC therapy for great healing results.

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CONCLUSION: Negative-pressure wound therapy appears to be more effective for diabetic foot ulcers compared with non-negative-pressure wound therapy, and has a similar safety profile. View Full Study ->

CONCLUSION: Our results demonstrate that the wound VAC provides a reliable, effective, and durable dressing for a multitude of complex head and neck wounds. Additionally, it is a valuable tool when traditional surgical procedures are not a viable option. View Full Study ->

CONCLUSION: VAC therapy was associated with lower mortality than other surgical techniques in retrospective cohorts of patients with DSWIs following cardiothoracic surgery. View Full Study ->

CONCLUSION: End point was achieved in the NPWT group in 17.2(SD ± 3.55) days, compared to 34.9 (SD ± 5.96) days in the control group (p < 0.001). View Full Study ->

CONCLUSION: It has been suggested that applying NPWT to a COI may decrease the incidence of surgical wound-healing complications, such as hematoma, seroma, infection, or dehiscence, and hasten the healing of the incision. View Full Study ->

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